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1st and 2d tour

Before everybody arrived me and my friend were playing Plants vs. Zombies on her laptop, feeling a little bit out of place, and then, when we entered school hall or how is it called - the biggest room in the entire school, we were kind of shocked by several 10 graders talking about the reasons why they came there. I still remember sth like "We have Chem. test today, so I was like oh thank God I can skip it because of a reasonable excuse". Or "I didn't do my homework 'cause I knew FLEX is today and blahblahblah".These people were kinda like aliens to us. We went all the way here (about 1000 km) and they don't care about this program at all.
The next day we came for the 2nd tour. There weren't much fewer people and it made us a bit of nervous. Fisrt, when Bo (Americn Councils guy) announced that at first we're gonna write 3 essays, while another group will be writing a similar-to-TOEFL test we got a bit upset, because we though that we might get tired of essays and fail on the test. But after we'v gotten through with test, we'v understood how lucky we were, because I can't understand how people were able to write anything and think clearly after it. But anyway we made it.Yeah! So, for the future FLEX-generations, u'd better be in the writing-essay-first group.

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