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It stands for "oh my God best news ever". And the news is that i'v finally found my host family. I already love them and think they are really amazing people, although I haven't talked to them yet. They live in South Dakota which I wasn't happy with at the beginning, but after I'v made my research I though that living in there isn't such a bad idea.

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It was the 16th of March, 2012.
4:34 pm. How I became a FLEX-finalist..

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So it's gonna be my feelings and some (not many) advices of participating in FLEX. Before everybody arrived me and my friend were playing Plants vs. Zombies on her laptop, feeling a little bit out of place, and then, when we entered school hall or how is it called - the biggest room in the entire school, we were kind of shocked by several 10 graders talking about the reasons why they came there. I still remember sth like...

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  • Широкий ассортимент унитазов, подберем под ваш интерьер! Все в наличии


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