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 And the news is that i'v finally found my host family. 
I already love them and think they are really amazing people, although I haven't talked to them yet.
They live in South Dakota which I wasn't happy with at the beginning, but after I'v made my research I though that living in there isn't such a bad idea.
1. Climate of South Dakota isn't much different from Russian, so I won't be having trouble with clothes that I should where and stuff.
2. Mount Rushmore

3. The coolest city of the state - Sioux Falls - is located super-close to my community, Springfield. It's only 70km away from it. So I hope to be visiting it quite often.
4. Springfield is also a city in "The Simpsons" and it's really funny.
5. In Springfield there is a cool lake and a Missouri River, so I hope to be getting some swimming done in the summer.
6. In the South Dakota there is Geo Center of the U.S. - Belle Forche.

Talking about my family, unfortunately, I don't know much about dem, but I'm willing to find it out asap. The only thing I know is that they have 3 or 4 daughters, and 3 or 2 of them are living with them.
I don't know about Chris (18 years old) because there is a note "CBC follows" which I have not found the translation for. But I m thinking that it probably means that she is going away to college.

That' all for today, hope I'll so totally enjoy my upcoming year in the U.S, S.D.

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