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A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.

It was the 16th of March, 2012.
4:34 pm.
The day before I checked FLEX community in VK, and 'v seen several massages from Spb and Spb region, with a very similar-happily-drunk/tipsy content. People were dying of happiness, because they were the chosen ones. So after I read all of dem, I changed my phone's profile from "Meeting" to "General", and decided to never leave it out of my sight.
The day wasn't much special, school, homework, upcoming weekend plans..
So, I was in the kitchen eating pasta and listening to music, when my phone rang and I saw those sacred numbers: 495, I didn't think of FLEX, I thought of sth completly different, but unfortunately I can't remember what...:(
When I answered the phone, I heard a little bit familiar voice of an unknown female, asking if I am Dmitry. After she heard my positive answer she told me that they(she) was happy to congratulate me with a successful result of FLEX program and that I was (still am) a FLEX-finalist. Woo-Hoo!
She asked me whether I still used my email or not and then sent me a letter which I have responded after.
After she hanged up, I immediately called my parents, my friends, and wrote in the community. I was sooooo~
happy...It was unspeakably unbearable :DD

Добровольский Дмитрий - Ханты09.04.2012  
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1 Vladislav   [Материал]
Well, if you have that high level of English already, there is probably no need to go to states, bud.. Just kiddin', well done! ;)

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